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    Khareks - Mukhwas - Churans - Hajma Products
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    Tasty Kharek
    Khareks in Different Authentic Indian Tastes
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    Yummy Mukhwas
    Range of Handmade Mouth-watering Mukhwas
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    Churan & Hajma Products
    Healthy & Tasty Indian Appetizers
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Best Quality Mouth Fresheners, Digestives & Appetizers for Happy Ending of your Meal.

Shree Manmohan Kharek Centre

We are delivering unique, tasty & mouth-watering Kharek, Churan, Hajma Products in variety of packs. Freshly prepared products with quality ingredients is being delivered since 1960. .
  • About Kharek Varieties

    Flavoured masala Kharek products are healthy and in form of traditional Indian taste. Moth-watering Kharek are very delicious appetizers.

  • About Pan Varieties

    We have developed different recipes for specialized Pan Varieties for those who love Pan Products.

  • About Mukhwas Varieties

    For the best quality moth fresheners, we have traditional and newly developed recipes for Mukhwas for happy ending of your Meal.

  • About Churan & Hajma Varieties

    For those foody people who love their meal and they live to eat. Healthy & Tasty Churan & Hajma Products for better digestion.

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